Investing in People
and Neighborhoods

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Kansas City needs an experienced and energetic leader. The next Mayor must invest in our two greatest resources: our people and our neighborhoods. Taxpayers expect and deserve excellent public services like timely trash pickup and snow removal. Taxpayers deserve the best streets, sidewalks and public transportation to keep our City working and productive. 

It is time to do more to support our Senior Citizens. Kansas City must make investments that help Seniors remain in their neighborhoods. This is vital to their long-term quality of life and benefits the entire community around them. Delivering the housing and services Seniors need to age with dignity will make our City stronger. 

Phil is a successful Kansas City small business owner who builds communities and creates jobs across the country. He has brought together the public sector and the private sector to invest in local communities. These investments have been used for childcare centers, Senior Citizen and family housing, hospitals and critical infrastructure such as water systems. Phil’s expertise in financing and building critical infrastructure will benefit neighborhoods across Kansas City. 

Phil believes it is critical to invest in skills training to strengthen our workforce. This will ensure our people are able to seize the job opportunities that exist today and those that will exist in the future. In addition to skills, we must build a regional transportation system that gets people to work efficiently. An educated, well-trained workforce with access to affordable transportation will help us build the strongest local economy in America. 

We will bring investment from across the U.S. to Kansas City to expand opportunities and leverage local resources. Providing new opportunities will help stabilize and grow our neighborhoods which in turn will help reduce crime. Phil will lead Kansas City to focus more attention on the economic root causes of crime. He will invest resources in solving and preventing crime. Efforts to address crime will fall short if we do not have unique neighborhood plans which foster positive relationships with law enforcement. 

Phil is committed to listening to voices from across Kansas City. As Mayor he will act with transparency and responsibility. Using his skills and experience in business will help him ensure tax dollars are spent wisely and efficiently. He will collaborate with leaders from surrounding cities to enhance our City and our region. Phil has built coalitions across the Country to accomplish building communities that work for everyone. Now we need Phil Glynn to do the same for Kansas City.